#118: Live with Carnie Wilson (WILSON PHILLIPS), Sean Giambrone (THE GOLDBERGS), and Deep Roy (STAR WARS, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY)

Hold on- we got Carnie Wilson to come to our show at the Improv? Yes we did. And I bet you can’t wait for Matt to say “Release Me” to this episode. Well once he does, you’ll hear Carnie talk about her career and what it’s like be a major pop star after growing up in as the daughter of one. Then Sean Giambrone stops in to talk about The Goldbergs, Kim Possible, and then Matt has to ruin everything by bringing up The Emoji Movie. To close out the night we interviewed Deep Roy, who told us about working with Tim Burton, George Lucas, and Jim Henson on films such as Return of the Jedi, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Neverending Story. This podcast isn’t never ending, however, so enjoy it while you can. It’s THE NIGHT TIME SHOW!


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