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December 21, 2019

#162: Brian O’Halloran & Marilyn Ghigliotti- CLERKS, JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT

We're not even supposed to be here today! But we came in and sat down with Brian O'Halloran and Marilyn Ghigliotti, best known

December 8, 2019

#161: Madi Teeuws- DEAL OR NO DEAL

Podcast listener, you have selected briefcase #15- when it comes to this podcast episode...Listen, or No Listen? I suggest you pick

November 17, 2019


Aw man, we interviewed Marvin in the face. Well, face to face might be a better way of saying it, but Pulp Fiction's Marvin,

November 10, 2019

#159: Michael Uslan- BATMAN, TEEN TITANS GO, JOKER

Michael Uslan changed the entertainment industry, ushering in an era of film making that has dominated the box office for decades. Hear the story of how Batman

November 3, 2019

#158: Vince Van Patten- WORLD POKER TOUR, 7 DAYS TO VEGAS

Gamblers all have some crazy stories, but it's rare that they're also great storytellers. Vince Van Patten, however, *is*

October 22, 2019

#157: Disney & Nickelodeon Legends- ALADDIN, LION KING, HE-MAN, RUGRATS, TOY STORY, and MORE!

The word "legend" is thrown around a lot these days, but the guests we assembled for this panel at LA Comic-Con truly embody

October 18, 2019

#156: Cast reunion of THE OFFICE

Out of paper? Out of stock? There's friendly faces around the block. Break loose from the chains that are causing

October 11, 2019

#155: Logan Henderson- BIG TIME RUSH

I think music sounds the same no matter who you listen to it with, but Logan Henderson disagrees, which is why he sang Music