#10: Chris “Drama” Pfaff – FANTASY FACTORY / Owner of Young & Reckless

Chris “Drama” Pfaff took a helicopter, hoverboard and Harrier jet to arrive at The Night Time Show which is currently taping episodes inside a submarine in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This week our co-pilot is Roast Battle creator/comedian Brian Moses who gives us the 411 on what’s happening with his new Comedy Central show ROAST BATTLE, while Lieutenant Matt Walker fights off at giant sea monster with only his bare hands. As always our fearless leader, Stephen Kramer Glickman, eats chocolate donuts and watches PBS.

Chris “Drama” Pfaff tells our crew the stories behind Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory, Chanel West Coast and the secret to owning a massively successful clothing company. PERISCOPES DOWN…IT’S TIME FOR THE NIGHT TIME SHOW!!!!


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