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November 10, 2019

#159: Michael Uslan- BATMAN, TEEN TITANS GO, JOKER

Michael Uslan changed the entertainment industry, ushering in an era of film making that has dominated the box office for

May 29, 2019

#146: Neal Adams- BATMAN, SUPERMAN, X-MEN

Stan Lee? Jack Kirby? Bob Kane? No legend is off limits when you are talking with legendary artist Neal Adams. We sat down

March 7, 2018

#90: Wally Wingert, Barris Kustoms, Tony Santoro- BATMAN

Riddle me this, Glick-Man- what podcast features interviews with the voice of the Riddler in the Batman animated shows and

February 28, 2018

#89: Burt Ward- BATMAN

Holy Hollywood, Glick-Man, we're at the Hollywood museum interviewing Burt Ward! That's right, TV's Robin from the 60s TV series Batman. We'll find out about