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Matt Walker

May 17, 2016

#4: Oscar Winner DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia

Oscar Winner DJ Paul of the rap group Three 6 Mafia has landed on The Night Time Show space station. He brings with him, a

May 10, 2016

#3: Matt Shively – Secrets of a Child Star

Matt Shively and Stephen Kramer Glickman have a lot in common. They both started their careers on Nickelodeon, They both rebelled

May 3, 2016

#2: Max Brooks – G.I. JOE, Zombies and Our Family

When he's not helping the government decide what to do during a zombie apocalypse or writing the origin stories for your favorite

April 26, 2016

#1: The Origin Story

In the distant future, a team of brave men join together to pilot a giant Super Robot known as "The Night Time Show". Join your host Stephen Kramer Glickman