#33: Alyson Stoner – PHINEAS AND FERB

Alyson Stoner is awesome. A humble lovely woman who started out as the featured dancer in all those Missy Elliott videos, Alyson has gone on to have a huge career in the CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN movies, the STEP UP movies and for 172 episodes played Isabella on the animated series PHINEAS AND HERB. Stephen Kramer Glickman, who happens to be friends with Alyson, watched as the entire staff of The Night Time Show Podcast fell deeply in love with Alyson. He had told them how wonderful she was but they didn’t believe him. They never believe him…until it’s too late. Now there is nothing they can do. Alyson is gone…on tour working on her music career and the staff of The Night Time Show Podcast is here in Los Angeles still talking about how beautiful and kind Alyson Stoner is…and all Stephen Kramer Glickman can do is just sit back and watch as Matt Walker and Mike Black talk about how they didn’t believe until it was too late. She’s gone. Gone forever.


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