Glickman, Glickman. You listen to Nacho. This loyalty that you have for your friends, it’s rare in this business. But someday, it’s gonna get you killed. But not by the ultimate Latin Lover himself, Luis Guzmán, because he couldn’t be more gracious. He indulged our questions about his start in the business and stepping in Don Johnson’s light on the set of Miami Vice, working on Pluto Nash, a terrific prank from the set of Waiting, why Australia is a terrifying place, why he’s the worst Grand Theft Auto player of all time, and how living upstairs from the set of Batteries Not Included was the perfect set experience, but he didn’t tell us how Adebisi kept his hat on his head on Oz, so that will remain a secret for now. It’s a fascinating interview with a terrific actor; it’s the kind that makes you stick your dick in the mashed potatoes while listening to…THE NIGHT TIME SHOW!


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