#176: Sojaboy and Varya- 90 DAY FIANCE BEFORE THE 90 DAYS

If you decided to listen to two podcasts a day, you’d be done with our back catalog in about 90 days, which is as long as you have in the country to get married if you’re here on a K-1 visa. I don’t think either of our guests is going to wind up here on one, but they’re both fun to talk to. We’ve got the husband of Baby Girl Lisa, Usman Sojaboy, who tells us all about life in Nigeria, why goats are good gifts, and how he sees himself fitting in to the music scene in America. Then Stephen has a discussion with Varya, where she reveals her thoughts when she showed up on Geoffrey’s doorstep, only to see him with Mary. If these names mean nothing to you, go binge watch 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days and then listen to…THE NIGHT TIME SHOW!


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