#107: Live with Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett (MEAN GIRLS), John DiMaggio (FUTURAMA), and Bill Farmer (A GOOFY MOVIE)

We’ve got a great live show that is just too much show…so we cut it in half. This is part 1 of our most recent live show with John DiMaggio, who talks about being Futurama’s Bender and why using the voice in bed would be a horrible mistake. Then we get to sit down with Bill Farmer, best known as Disney’s Goofy for the past 3 decades, who reads a scene from The Room in multiple character voices. Next we host a Mean Girls reunion with Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett, who talk about what it was like being part of an iconic film and the difficulties with being openly gay in Hollywood. You don’t want to miss this episode of THE NIGHT TIME SHOW!


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